Local Quirky Bag Brands on The Rise

Bags have been an important part of women’s look as they are seen as status symbol, or even investment.

Among the seemingly never-ending interest in international branded goods, Indonesian young designers are beginning to get noticed for their amazing work in the bags department.

Heavily inspired by the clean cut look of Scandinavian style design, Doxology lives up to its name’s meaning, praise, as it deserves all the praise it can get.

“I personally like Scandinavian style, because it’s simple, clean and looks elegant. That’s what Doxology bags are,” Chung Yi, founder of the brand, said.

Doxology uses PU Leather due to the synthetic material’s high quality, durability and affordability. It’s currently available at online retailers such as bobobobo.com and Berry benka.com.

Lovers of all things quirky should never be singled out when it comes to fashion; therefore Bandung-based s.rw is ready to complement any look with its famous Furball bags.

The spherical all-leather bag has been around for a while but only regained its momentum when actress Dian Sastrowardoyo toted it around in the hit movieAda Apa Dengan Cinta 2 as well as in her daily Snapchat shots.

Kicking off the business in June 2014, Sanoesa has turned ‘worthless’ teak and rosewood waste into gorgeous wooden bags and accessories.

With three major business sections: fashion, lifestyle and kitchenware, we’d say there’s more to Sanoesa than just bags. However, co-founder Nathanael Christian admitted that the brand’s main attraction to buyers was still its Tas Kajoe (wooden bag) — which we adore.

With leather as the main material for its product, Kaynn has garnered attention from the fashion crowd. If you’re into classic and timeless design but still want to get the quirks, Kaynn’s classy origami bag is the answer.

Mostly inspired by Japanese leather goods, Kaynn features simplicity, cleanliness and details in its designs. Kaynn founder Meyta said that the most-wanted products were the large basic-shaped bags for daily use.

Although officially starting the business in March 2010, Tommy Ambiyo Tedji has experimented with many materials since 2009. Byo, the brand, has used PVC and latex in early 2010.

Come 2011, Byo started using other materials like tyvek and leather, “Our choice of material is really about what image we want to portray for a certain collection. We can change materials in the future,” said the Bandung Institute of Technology graduate.

If you’re about playful accessories and apparel, Mannequin Plastic is for you. Using multiple materials at once like faux leather, resin and acrylic, the Bandung brand caters to those who are confident enough to flaunt the quirky items in daily life.

The brand’s newest collection, “Yume no Machine” or “Dream Machine”, features robotic figures and is inspired by crafty Japanese clothes. Our favorite is the Lunch Like Human Salmon Bag and Shrimp Salmon Long Tee.

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