Every Girl Should Carry in Her Purse

A purse is a girl’s best friend. You never leave home without it. But sometimes, we forget to include the essentials.

Not all of us can be Mary Poppins, what with a lamp and a houseplant, but if you’ve been caught in the rain on your way to an interview, I’m sure you were jealous of her umbrella. Purses vary in size from handbag to oversized sack and depending on your personal needs on the go, you might require different items. Meanwhile, you don’t want to get weighed down by carrying your life’s possessions with you everywhere, unless of course you’re one of those people who has narrowed down their personal possessions to 100 — in which case, we salute you, dear nomad.

Life is full of unexpected moments. In order to prepare yourself for whatever comes your way, you have to think of your purse as a toolkit. A toolkit is nothing without the right tools. Therefore, you need all the correct tools. This may seem like common sense, but I bet if you were to open up your purse right now, most likely some of these items will be missing, and your BFF isn’t always there to help you out.

Don’t let that runny nose get away from you. Clean up any mess with a travel size tissue. Whether you’re sneezing, crying, or blotting your lipstick — tissues are a girl’s best friend. Life can throw messiness at you, but with a tissue at hand, you’ll be better prepared.

With a mirror at hand, you can check to make sure you’re still the fairest in the land. Think you’ve got something in your teeth? Check your mirror. Feel a pimple coming on? Bust out your mirror. A lot of things can happen to our faces throughout the day. But with a mirror, you can face them head on. For desperate times, your cell phone can do double duty as a mirror as well.

You’re never fully dressed without a smile — and lipstick. Keep your lips hydrated and feeling good. Whether it’s lip balm or lipstick, you and your lips will feel more confident. Nothing says, “Watch out, world,” quite like lipstick. And, a little bit of colorcan brighten up any day.

Freshen up by always having gum and/or mints in your purse. Your new fling calls and wants to see you after work. Now with those breath mints, you’re prepared. Or maybe your boss calls you in for an unexpected important meeting. One thing you won’t have to worry about is stinky breath. Gum and/or mints come in handy for a meeting, a date, or a chance encounter.

Never go anywhere without your phone — and I mean anywhere. Not only do you need to be up to date on the latest Instagram feed, but you need it in case of emergency. Not having your phone on you can make you feel like you’re naked. And just remember, public nudity is illegal.

A lady should always carry a credit card in her wallet for those unexpected moments. Whether she found an amazing pair of jeans on sale, or her date wants to go halfsies on dinner — she will be prepared. Also, cash never goes out of style. Remember to keep a couple of dollar bills on hand, just in case.

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