Best Bridal Mascara For Long Luscious Lashes

With all the advances in technology, is it possible that someone finally developed a mascara that does not smudge or flake…a mascara that we could sleep in…(only on occasion of course)! The answer is yes! But before we get to the mascara preferred by several professional make-up artists…including myself, let’s review different types of Mascaras […]

Improve Your Lashes With Latisse

As the therapy advances, you will initially start to perceive variations in length. At that time, slowly, you will detect more volume and darkness in your lashes. If you are pleased with your outcomes by the eighth week, do not end use. Continue with the therapy. Following the sixteenth week, you will perceive the complete […]

Gorgeous Eyes With Semi Permanent Lashes

Well developed eyebrows are a necessity for all women. Yet, there are various alternatives that a woman can take that are sure to lead someone to stare her directly in the eye. What is this? Lengthy and thick lashes. Longer lashes improve womanhood. This may probably why boys who possess extended eyelashes appear feminine despite […]