Best Work Bags for Women

The best work bags for women have the following attributes: enough room for all your stuff, a ton of pockets, a color that either goes with all of your clothing or is so dramatic that it pleasingly clashes with all of your clothing, a reasonable price, and, of course, a general lack of hideousness. It’s a lot to ask out of one bag, but we’ve found 13 professional-looking carryalls that can do the job. Read on for the best affordable bags to get you through the workday and beyond.

This tote is from Everlane, so you know it’s going to be super functional and basic in the best possible way way. It has a large exterior pocket for a laptop and pockets inside for your phone and keys.

This only costs $50, but the minimalist design makes it look like it’s from a luxury brand. The ivory color is smooth, the shape is simple, and the size is perfect — big enough for all your essentials but not so big that you’ll overload it.

It has clean lines and an icy blue color, and it comes with a matching pouch that can be worn as a cross-body or a clutch.

Reviews for this bag note that it’s incredibly soft and well-made given the price. It’s also enormous, and since it’s made of real leather, it’s durable enough to hold everything you could ever need.

If you’re not carrying a laptop to work and you want something on the smaller size, this vegan leather tote is perfect. And the rich burgundy is practically begging to be worn this fall.

This bag was inspired by luxury tote bags but made with faux leather to make it more affordable. The scaled-back size makes it easy to bring to events after work.

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