How Nutrition Affects Eye Health

The old adage, “Prevention is the best cure” certainly appears to be true when it comes to nutrition and eye health. Studies have shown that the risk for eye problems such as cataracts, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy often can be reduced by paying closer attention to what— and how much — we eat. Nutrition Has […]

Top Nutrition Facts That Everyone Agrees on

Top Nutrition Facts That Everyone Agrees on There is a lot of controversy in nutrition and it often seems like people can’t agree on anything. But there are a few exceptions to this. Here are the top 10 nutrition facts that everyone actually agrees on (well, almost everyone…). 1. Added Sugar Is a Disaster To improve the […]

Best Bridal Mascara For Long Luscious Lashes

With all the advances in technology, is it possible that someone finally developed a mascara that does not smudge or flake…a mascara that we could sleep in…(only on occasion of course)! The answer is yes! But before we get to the mascara preferred by several professional make-up artists…including myself, let’s review different types of Mascaras […]